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Hero Kids: Escape from the Ghost Pirates-Part 1

Quite some time after our first adventure—about a year—all of the kids agreed it was time to take on another adventure in Hero Kids. So, I got out the next adventure I had planned, Escape from the Ghost Pirates. Things were a little different this time around. For one, the kids were a year older. Pincess and Bubba were more interested in playing than they were the first time we played. Additionally, Mom and I were deep in the middle of catching up on all the past episodes of Critical Role, a web series in which professional voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons. Critical Role was Mom’s first real exposure to actual D&D, and she was really enjoying it. It helped foster some way-over-the-top creativity in the coming adventure.

The Party
To get started, we had to form the party. Ghoti and Pincess wanted to keep the same characters they played with the first time, which made their setup really easy. Bubba decided he wanted something different and rather quickly decided on the warrior for this adventure. Mom was ready to try her hand at being one of the party and was worried about what I’d do to the kids this time, so she decided to be the healer.

Warlock Hunter Warrior Healer

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