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Hero Kids: Escape from the Ghost Pirates-Part 2

As our hero kids gathered together after clearing out the lower deck of the mysterious pirate ship on which they awakened, they took a short respite to heal and get ready to take on whatever was up top.

There’s Something Strange on the Upper Deck
Rather than charge in, Pincess decided to sneak a peek up the stairs for some reconnaissance to see what awaited them. Carefully crawling up and looking around, she saw that the ship was seemingly far out to sea and that a thunderstorm had just moved in. Rain was just starting to fall and there was lightning in the distance. Suddenly, to her surprise, a few pirates walked by, unaware of her presence. She realized something was off about one of them. It didn’t look right. On closer investigation, she noticed it was actually a skeleton dressed as a pirate!

She came back down, and reported back. They talked to Davy to understand what she saw (and to see if he was actually a skeleton or something, too). He said that most of the crew was regular pirates and mercenaries, but many of them were actually skeletons. He promised he was just a (human) hired hand and that he tried to avoid the skeletons as much he could. With this knowledge, the kids didn’t want to rush in to take on whatever else was up there. They decided to try to lure as many pirates down below as possible so they had more control over the combat. They convinced Davy to call for help when they were ready to start fighting. Before the action started, Ghoti and Pincess decided to hide in and under a few of the piles of cannonballs near the bottom of the stairs. Mom helped them get hidden, and even decided to braid Pincess’ hair to look exactly like a rope to help with the disguise. With two of the kids well-hidden and Bubba sitting back with Davy, Mom was ready to distract whatever pirates (or “pirates”) they could bring down to take them out as quickly as possible. Bubba and Davy pretended to fight, and Davy called out, “Help! They’re escaping the brig! We need help down here!”
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