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Hero Kids: Deus Ex Machina and the Mysterious Mines

Last time, our Hero Kids completed a hectic quest in a Minotaur’s cave. They wandered its labyrinthine darkness, made mushroom soup, defeated a variety of monsters including the Minotaur and its surprise scorpions, and retrieved untold treasure. This time, the kids would boldly go where no Hero Kids have gone before: Into the mind of a six-year-old. This time, our own Ghoti worked with me to create this campaign from scratch. He and I spent some time mapping it out, designing the encounters, and introducing a new mechanic to the game. When the time came to play, he was the DM while I acted as his assistant and occasional advisor.

But, first things first…

The Party
With Ghoti and I working as collective DMs and Bubba still uninterested in prolonged play, Mom and Pincess were the only two kids that were going to be heading on this journey. Since things were different, the ladies considered switching the characters they used. Pincess decided to switch to the female Warlock—suddenly being a water bender was very important. Mom decided that it might be a good idea to keep a Healer with them, especially because they had no idea what Ghoti had planned for them.

WarlockF Healer

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Hero Kids: Maze of the Minotaur

When we last heard from the Hero Kids, they had just rescued their families from a ship full of ghost pirates. They befriended one of the human pirates, conquered the ghost captain, and returned home safely. Their next quest would take them to a mysterious cave where each twist and turn could hide untold danger: the Maze of the Minotaur.

More Heroes Than Kids
This session was a bit different. We did our entire adventure as a longer-than-normal one-shot adventure and had some of our adventuring party come and go during the evening. Most importantly, we had two extra players with us: my parents; we’ll call them Grandma and Grandpa (probably not their real names). They were in town visiting and wanted to see what it was like to be Hero Kids.
Ghoti, Pincess, and Mom selected their usual characters, the Warlock, Hunter, and Healer. Bubba also picked the same character he did last time, the male Warrior, but didn’t actually play at all.
Grandma and Grandpa were given a quick rundown of the rules and handed a pile of character sheets to peruse so they could choose the character they wanted to go into the adventure with. They made their selections somewhat quickly. Grandma liked the look of the female warrior. I think the axe-wielding character resonated with her Viking heritage. Grandpa ended up selecting the same character that Bubba played with on the kids’ first adventure, the knight, because he liked the idea of that character’s ability to take damage on behalf of other players.

Warlock Hunter Healer
Warrior Warrior Knight

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