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Lost Mine of Phandelver – Session 2: A Road in Phandalin

In our adventurers’ second foray into the town of Phandalin (you can read about part 1 here), we had some additional heroes, and one with an extremely different personality. The kids enjoyed the time they had to play Dungeons and Dragons, and really wanted to play some more. We had some time at the end of the week where pulling a few more kids aside while preparations were being made for a big family gathering that evening would actually be helpful, so we gathered the kids around the table, set everything back up, and made things much more complicated.

This time, we had the following players:

  1. Ghoti reprising his role as Flash-o, the halfling rogue
  2. Kim popping in and out as Raelshel, the high elf wizard, when she wasn’t helping with party prep
  3. P, still Fred, the noble human fighter
  4. B (another 6 year old) taking over for George, the human fighter folk hero
  5. C (about 9 or so, I think) joining the group as a hill dwarf cleric who had a name so secret I’m not sure anyone knew what it was.

Yes, we removed one grown-up (JJ was still at work, so he didn’t get to be George this time), had the other grown-up helping tend to party preparations a bit more than the game, and added two more kids. Absolutely nothing was about to go as planned.

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Lost Mine of Phandelver – Session 1: The Road to Phandalin

A few weeks ago, we went to Kim’s oldest brother’s house for vacation and a bit of a family reunion. A few of the grown-ups in the family enjoy Dungeons and Dragons as a common interest to various extents: I play every other weekend with some friends; Kim and I both watch Critical Role together; her youngest brother, JJ, plays a few types of tabletop games, including formerly being Dungeon Master for a D&D group. A few of the kids that were at the house were interested in playing for the first time as well. DnD Starter SetJJ had recently bought the D&D Fifth Edition Starter Set which comes with an adventure, The Lost Mine of Phandelver, which I had just finished playing through with my group, so we figured it would be fun to give some interested family members their first D&D adventure. I volunteered to be the DM for these sessions since I was already somewhat familiar with the content (from a player’s point of view), and because Kim’s brother hadn’t played 5th edition before and was interested in being a player, anyway. We knew we wouldn’t have the chance to run the entire campaign on vacation, so we went into it as a one-off adventure that ended up having a second session as well.

We divvied out the pre-made characters, gave the adults and kids a moment to read over the characters’ abilities and backstories and pick one to play, then we got started. Our first session consisted of:

  1. Ghoti (6 years old) Flash-o, a lightfoot halfling rogue
  2. JJ (I dunno, 20-something) George, a human fighter and folk hero
  3. Kim (A lady never tells) Raelshel, a high elf wizard
  4. P (Like 12 or so) Fred, a human fighter of noble background

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