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Lost Mine of Phandelver – Session 3: To Cragmaw Hideout

The third session of our Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign actually started to actually follow the book a bit. But first, we had to remove a few players, retcon a few shananigans, and get JJ back into George’s shoes.

Our vacation and family reunion is long gone. We’re all home and back to our regular schedules now, but JJ and Ghoti were still interested in playing more of this campaign. Ghoti still enjoys playing Hero Kids, of course, but he did enjoy the openness of Dungeons and Dragons, and Flash-o the rogue seems to have resonated with him more than a little. So, we found some time on a weekend a little while back to get another couple of sessions in with JJ on Skype, Kim and Ghoti in the living room, and a slightly strange setup with a three-way Skype call: Kim, Ghoti, and me at a table on the Xbox; an external webcam on my laptop aimed at a playmat on the table; and JJ at his house. Like this:

A screenshot of the Skype window as taken from my laptop

A screenshot of the Skype window as taken from my laptop

Accordingly, the party was a bit smaller than last time. We now have:

  1. Ghoti as Flash-o, the lightfoot halfling rogue
  2. Kim as Raelshel, the high elf wizard
  3. JJ as George, the human fighter folk hero

Before we got started, we had to rewind a bit. JJ understandably wasn’t too keen on picking up where B left off with George’s progress as a good-aligned hero who had been kicked out of their plot hook. (Read about that in part 2, here.) So, I worked out a reason that only required a slight backstep in our story so far; let George keep his money instead of paying a fine; and, most importantly, allowed George to remain in good standing with the local leadership of Phandalin.

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